Monsoons and Typhoons

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True or false. Tropical cyclones (which include Typhoons) rotate anticlockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern.
The difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is:
Are monsoons expected to get stronger or weaker due to climate change?
During monsoon flooding, mice in India (possibly elsewhere) reputedly ride on the backs of what creature to avoid drowning?
Monsoons blow from:
The most powerful typhoons are known as:
The 2019 film Monsoon, directed by Hong Khaou, is set in which country?
In Japan, typhoons are given numbers, not names.
Where did the Gulf Livestock 1, which was carrying almost 6000 head of cattle, depart from before sinking Southwest of Japan during Typhoon Maysak in September last year?
What months do India's monsoons generally occur in?