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Business / News
Cultivating connections: South Korea cleantech visit unlocks opportunities

In this article we speak with Dr Olivia Ogilvie about her experiences and key takeaways as part of a Foundation-led delegation to South Korea for cleantech and ESG business leaders.

Sports / News
Karate club's Japan visit honours late sensei

Practitioners from Hamilton Wadō-Kai Karate Club travelled to Tokyo recently to hone their skills and, with help from the Foundation Community Sports grant, learn about the local culture and history.

Business / News
Singapore sets the scene for filmmaking internship

Monica Cordero describes her documentary filmmaking internship at Beach House Pictures in Singapore as a 'transformative experience' that opened doors to a world of of possibility within the industry.

Entrepreneurship / News
S.E Asian tourism entrepreneur inspired by NZ's connections to land and culture

Visiting as part of a delegation of Southeast Asian tourism entrepreneurs, Filipino delegate Joseph Reyes says there were two things that really stood out for him about the industry here.

Track II / News
More than just US-China tensions - insights on an evolving S.E Asia

Find out some of the key takeaways from talks given by Philippines academic and commentator Richard Heydarian during his recent speaking tour of New Zealand.

CEO Update
Suzannah Jessep's June 2024 CEO Update

It’s a big week here at the Asia New Zealand Foundation with the launch of our 27th Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples research report on the 18th of June.

Perceptions of Asia 2024
New Zealanders eye Asia's rising importance, seek stronger connections

The Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples survey shows New Zealanders see Asia as a high-priority region for engagement.

Sports / News
Bali's Monkey Forest and civic cat coffee surprise Kiwi athletes

Attending the World Championships in Bali, the Modern Pentathlon New Zealand team took some time out to take in the culture of the host nation, including visiting the famous Monkey Forest.

News / News
How New Zealanders view Japan - latest research

With the Prime Minister in Tokyo, we thought it would be timely to share a sneak peek of findings from our latest Perceptions of Asia research report highlighting how Kiwis perceive Japan.

Media / News
Media intern sees impact of climate change firsthand in Indonesia

Stuff journalist Maddy Croad describes her time interning at Al-Jazeera in Indonesia and seeing firsthand the impact that climate change has had on one of the country's most vulnerable communities.

Education / News
Japan trip forges friendships for a lifetime

Riccarton High School students experienced the modernity and traditions of Japan on a tour of the country, visiting historic sites, attending high school and immersing themselves in the local culture.

Intern stories
Intern overcomes initial nerves and embraces adventure of a lifetime

Arriving in Seoul on a chilly winter's evening in January, Nadia Safi's excitement at being in a strange city thousands of kilometres from home soon gave way to panic.

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