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Leadership Network member championing cultural diversity

Leadership Network member Latu Clark describes her cultural identity as a superpower she leans into and encourages others to embrace their own.

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Serendipity in the South Pacific

Leadership Network members Dana MacDiarmid and Ajay Ravindran found themselves concurrently working and living in Niue on New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) mahi.

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Asia-focused think tank opportunities

With New Zealand's borders opening back up, young New Zealanders will be looking further afield for opportunities to study or progress in their career paths.

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A Leadership Network member's life in Tokyo

In this article we catch up with Leadership Network member Gareth Stevens about living in Tokyo, how New Zealand is perceived in Japan and the recent visit by Prime Minister Ardern.

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Fonterra in Asia - A deep dive into the company's footprint in the region 

The Foundation's business programme is working with Fonterra on an exclusive in-person networking lunch and afternoon event for members of the Leadership Network, hosted by Fonterra Co-operative Group

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Leadership Network book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu Huì

The Leadership Network is piloting an online book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu huì for members of the network.

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Leadership Network travel fund

The Leadership Network Travel Fund supports members with travel to attend opportunities both in New Zealand and offshore.

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Leadership Network Mentorship Programme

The Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network Mentorship Programme aims to forge connections between our leaders, providing opportunities to share and gain knowledge and grow their confidence and

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Leadership Network: Festival for the Future 2022

The Foundation is providing the opportunity Leadership Network members to attend the Festival for the Future, 29- 31 July 2022.

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Leadership Network: Entrepreneurs in Action 2022

For the seventh consecutive year, the Foundation is mentoring a team at the Young Enterprise Trust event, Enterprise in Action. Members of the Leadership Network can apply to take part in this opportu