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Leadership Network members reveal their Mandarin journeys

To mark New Zealand Chinese Language Week, we chatted to four Leadership Network members about their language-learning journeys.

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Asia New Zealand Foundation expands its Leadership Network with 42 new members  

The Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono announces the addition of 42 new members into its Leadership Network from across Aotearoa.

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Hui weaves Pacific-Asia connections

Leadership Network member Liam Kokaua writes about the network's recent Tāngata Moana Hui, describing the ceremony and protocols that made it a distinctly Pacific occasion.

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Leadership Network member fostering diversity and inclusion behind bars

As a diversity and inclusion advisor for corrections, Leadership Network member Kauri Tearaura helps prison staff to recognise and understand prisoners' unique circumstances and needs.

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Leadership Network Taipei Hui 2023 - Call for applications

The Foundation is excited to offer Leadership Network members a chance to visit Taipei in October for the 2023 Taipei Hui.

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Join the Leadership Network

The Leadership Network equips New Zealand’s best and brightest to thrive in Asia. We support members to achieve, lead and learn about Asia so that New Zealand can succeed in the region.

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Leadership Network Ngopi & Kōrero

Find out about connecting with fellow network members to make new friends, discuss life, leadership and Asia and help strengthen the bonds that make the Leadership Network special.

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Leadership Network book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu Huì

The Leadership Network is piloting an online book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu huì for members of the network.

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Leadership Network Mentorship Programme

The Leadership Network's Mentorship Programme forges connections within the network's 400-strong membership by providing a way for members to support one another’s leadership development through the s