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Graduating from the network

Leadership Network member Kashmir Kaur spoke about her experiences as a Leadership Network member at the network's graduation event held in Wellington this month. This is her speech.

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Questions of leadership – Australia Hui

Leadership Network member James Burford reflects on the network's recent Australia Hui, which brought together network members living in Australia to reconnect with the network and discuss questions o

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Q&A with Shanghai-based
Leadership Network member Eleni Hogg

We chat with Leadership Network member Eleni Hogg about living and working in Shanghai, a city she says gets better and better the longer you’re there.

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Joining the Leadership Network doesn't mean leaving your culture at the door

Leadership Network member Fine Koloamatangi first became curious about Asia through K-Pop music and then went on to develop an interest in traditional Japanese art.

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Leadership Network Rethinking Leadership Hui

The Foundation is offering up to 12 places for Leadership Network members to attend the Rethinking Leadership Hui from 6 – 8 March 2020.

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Leadership Network travel fund

The Leadership Network Travel Fund supports members with travel to attend opportunities both in New Zealand and offshore.

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Leadership Network Mentorship Programme

The Foundation's Leadership Network Mentorship Programme aims to forge connections between our members, providing opportunities to share and gain knowledge and grow their confidence and skills as lead