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WOMAD 2023

The Foundation is proudly sponsoring artists from Pakistan, South Korea and India to perform at at this year's WOMAD festival in New Plymouth.

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Cancelled: Auckland Lantern Festival 2023

Due to heavy rain and flooding Auckland has been experiencing in recent day and damage to the Manukau Sports Bowl, Lantern Festival 2023 has been cancelled.

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Auckland Arts Festival: Sungung-Ga: The Other Side of the World

Theatre Moksung fuses international influences with traditional Korean artforms in this charming puppetry and pansori/storytelling performance, perfect for audiences of all ages.

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Cindy Huang ceramics exhibition, Queenstown

A ceramic-based exhibition of an assembled past of Chinese gold miners in the Otago region by Cindy Huang, a tauiwi artist of Chinese descent from Rotorua.