Who we are

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is New Zealand’s leading authority on Asia. We provide experiences and resources to help New Zealanders build their knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in Asia.

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What we do offshore

The Foundation offers internships, grants and residencies for New Zealanders to travel to Asia to learn about their areas of work and experience first-hand the dynamism and diversity of the region.

We also lead industry-specific groups to Asian countries to develop their knowledge and make connections with their Asian counterparts.

What we do in New Zealand

We help New Zealanders build their knowledge and awareness of Asia through supporting activities that put Asian cultures in the spotlight. Our work is informed by the research we commission that looks at New Zealand’s relationships in and with Asia.

Think Asia

Think Asia is how the Asia New Zealand Foundation is framing our various pathways for young New Zealanders to equip themselves to thrive in Asia.

Think of it as a coherent pathway from early childhood to entry into the work force showing where the Asia New Zealand Foundation can provide opportunities for young New Zealanders to gain knowledge, awareness, confidence and even experience Asia.

Our areas of work

Our core areas of work are in the arts, business, education, media, research, Track II informal diplomacy, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The Foundation’s activities cover more than 20 countries in Asia and are delivered through a range of programmes:

Our Arts programme aims to bring Asian art into the mainstream of New Zealand culture, while supporting local practitioners to grow their understanding of and capability to thrive in Asia.

Our business programme helps develop the next generation of Asia-savvy New Zealanders by facilitating internships in Asia for tertiary students and recent graduates.

Our education programme provides New Zealand educators with the knowledge, resources and experiences to equip their students to thrive in Asia.

Our Entrepreneurship programme supports leading entrepreneurs in New Zealand to build connections and facilitate business relationships in Asia.

The Leadership Network is a global professional network at the forefront of maintaining and developing strong links between Asia and New Zealand.

Our media programme helps New Zealand journalists cover stories that shed light on Asia and on New Zealand’s ties to the region.  

Our research programme commissions research which supports informed public conversations about New Zealand’s relationship with Asia. 

Track II diplomacy
We support informal diplomacy with thinktanks in Asia on issues and challenges facing the region

Our sport programme funds cultural activities for teams and individuals visiting Japan for sporting activities.

Our governance

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is largely funded by government but also relies on philanthropic and corporate funding. The Foundation is a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005.

We are guided by a board of trustees drawn from business, community, academic and leadership backgrounds and supported by a panel of Honorary Advisers from New Zealand and Asia. Our honorary advisers are comprised leading academics, businesspeople, and current and former politicians and diplomats.