Changing tastes: Understanding consumption trends in Asia

The Asia New Zealand Foundation partnered with Fieldays this month for an online discussion looking at changing consumption trends across Asia. The talk was broadcast live on on Fieldays TV.

Watch Changing tastes: Understanding consumption trends in Asia

Two entrepreneurs who have both taken part in the Foundation's entrepreneurship programme, Alex Worker and Jerel Kwek, spoke about what is driving demand in Asian markets and how New Zealand's agriculture sector can best position itself to make the most of this country's advantages. They also discussed plant-based alternatives and other factors that may disrupt New Zealand's meat industry in coming years.

Alex Worker is a consultant in the Asia Pacific region for Impossible Foods, a plant-based meat alternative expanding into Asia. He is also an Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network member.

Jerel Kwek is CEO of Addiction Foods – one of the fastest growing pet food companies in the world, with New Zealand's largest dry pet food plant. Kwek has been involved with the Asia New Zealand Foundation since the Foundation brought him here in 2012 to connect with industry representatives. 

Leadership Network member Margie Hunt hosted the discussion.