Up against the wall: stories of resilience from Southeast Asian entrepreneurs

Watch a Foundation webinar bringing together three entrepreneurs who have taken part in the Foundation's ASEAN Young Business Leaders Initiative to discuss how they and their businesses are navigating these difficult times.

Up Against the Wall: Stories of Resilience from Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs

The world is facing many unprecedented challenges due to the spread of Covid-19. It has affected all aspects of our lives, including how we interact, where we can travel, and how we support ourselves and our communities.

The Foundation’s entrepreneurship programme has been building relationships between entrepreneurs in New Zealand and Asia for the past eight years. So, when the international borders closed, we reached out to our connections across Asia to see how they were coping.

The stories they told of massive pivots, to personal epiphanies and the struggles to keep and support staff on were both inspiring and heart breaking. 

Cherrie, Aim and Fuadi share how they’ve managed the challenge of keeping businesses afloat while also looking after their employees and communities during these difficult times. 


  • Cherrie Atilano, Founding Farmer and President of AGREA
  • Amarit (Aim) Charoenphan, CEO and Co-founder of HUBBA
  • Fuadi Pitsuwan, Co-founder of Beanspire Coffee.

MC: Florence van Dyke, Co-founder of Chia Sisters chair of the Foundation's Leadership Network Advisory Board.