About the
entrepreneurship programme

Our entrepreneurship programme supports emerging New Zealand entrepreneurs to build connections and facilitate business relationships in Asia, and supports Asian entrepreneurs to build connections in New Zealand.

What do we do?

We get entrepreneurs on the ground in Asia to learn about the country they are visiting, receive industry-specific briefings from experts, visit businesses and meet people working in their sector.

 We host inspirational events where participants can learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and thrive in Asia.

Taking Kiwi entrepreneurs to Asia

We take groups of entrepreneurs and business leaders from New Zealand to Asia on industry-specific trips to build their knowledge and confidence in Asia and develop connections.

We do this because in the long-term we need New Zealand entrepreneurs to understand the region. We want Kiwis returning home and sharing what they learnt with colleagues, mentors and others in their sector.

Get a taste of a Foundation visit to Vietnam for New Zealand social entrepreneurs

Bringing entrepreneurs to New Zealand

We bring groups of entrepreneurs and business leaders from North Asia and Southeast Asia to New Zealand on industry-specific trips to build their knowledge and confidence in New Zealand and develop connections.

In New Zealand they meet with industry experts, attend workshops and events, visit businesses and get to know the country.

Our vision is an interconnected global network of entrepreneurs sharing, learning and supporting each other in their business success.

Watch a video of a group of Southeast Asian food and beverage entrepreneurs visiting boutique F&B businesses in Wellington


The entrepreneurs

Find out about some of the entrepreneurs we've supported


If you have any questions about partaking in an entrepreneurship programme activity, first check our FAQs and if you cannot find what you're after there, please email us at [email protected].