Tracking Study of Asian
Business Graduates
Part three

This report looks at the value add of Asian-born, New Zealand-educated business graduates, examining their role in the development of New Zealand-Asia business relationships.

The study was completed in three phases between mid-2008 and mid-2011. This report covers the third and final phase, which involved 41 participants (including 10 new interviewees) who identified with seven occupational situations:

  • New Zealand-based degree-related employment
  • overseas-based degree-related employment
  • New Zealand-based part-time or temporary employment
  • overseas-based part-time or temporary employment
  • unemployment, searching for New Zealand-based employment
  • unemployment, searching for overseas-based employment; and postgraduate study.

The report discusses their views of their occupational pathways and experiences in relation to:

  • their earlier expectations
  • their New Zealand business qualifications
  • New Zealand’s immigration processes
  • the maintenance of Asia-New Zealand connections.

It also explores their thoughts about and involvement in Asia-New Zealand business relationships.

Download the full report (PDF - 620KB)