Perceptions of Asia

This report presents the results of a survey of the general New Zealand public about their perceptions of Asia and Asian peoples and their knowledge of the Asian region. It was conducted by Colmar Brunton in August 2015.


Asia New Zealand Foundation with text and analysis by Colmar Brunton

How to use guide: 

The following topics, issues and media reports may have contributed to New Zealanders’ perceptions:

  • Coverage of the New Zealand Labour party’s policy analysis on leaked real estate data which inferred buyers’ ethnicity from their surnames, and their advocacy of a register of foreigners buying houses;
  • Public debate surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which includes five Asian economies. This may have shaped public views about free trade agreements in general;
  • Publicity about farm sales to Chinese investors, such as the proposed sale of Lochinver Station to a Chinese buyer;
  • Financial market issues, including decreasing stock prices in China;
  • A bombing in Bangkok, Thailand, on 17 August 2015; and
  • Media reports of increased migration in 2015.