Frequently asked

Check here for a list of frequently asked questions Leadership Network members ask about the network.

Opportunities application process

What kind of person are we looking for?
Forum and hui participants have come from a variety of backgrounds  – including journalism, academia, business, politics, policy, science, and the arts. There is no set profile, but an interest in New Zealand-Asia relations is a must. An assessment of your Individual Leadership Pathway and being an active leader is important. Most opportunities include an application process in order to determine the most suitable candidates.

How do I apply?
The application process differs from opportunity to opportunity. As a bare minimum, an expression of interest is required where we will ask you for an indication of why you are a good candidate for the opportunity in question.

For larger opportunities, such as an offshore hui or event, a one-page cover letter along with CV may be required. These will differ from opportunity to opportunity so make sure to read the application instructions carefully.

How are participants selected?
This again differs from opportunity to opportunity, but generally a panel will review all applications, taking into account the differing selection criterion, and make decisions based on application merit. This is put to the deputy executive director for final approval.

How do I justify the time out of work?
We understand it can be difficult to balance your work commitments with a Foundation opportunity. Explain to your employer what you’ll get out the experience and how your effectiveness at work should improve and/or how it will contribute to your future professional development. If you are selected, we can provide a letter of support to present to your employer to show them the value of a Leadership Network event.

When can I expect to hear if I’ve been successful?
You will generally hear whether or not you have been successful via email within three weeks of applications closing.

What if I have to cancel at the eleventh hour?
If you have to withdraw or cancel, an administration fee may be issued to recover any costs incurred. Please contact us through as soon as possible if you are no longer able to attend.


What are New Zealand based Hui?
New Zealand based Hui are sector-specific, short, targeted events focused on a particular industry, country/region, or issue. Hui have been held in New Zealand on the following topics – social entrepreneurship, South Asia, refugee issues and agribusiness.  All leaders can register to attend, although numbers are limited and are either offered on a first in first served basis, or through a competitive application process.

What about an offshore Hui?
An offshore Hui is a week-long trip to a destination in Asia. Leaders engage in various activities designed to strengthen their connections with each other, develop leadership and learn about and develop connections between the host country and New Zealand. These Hui are key events for the Leadership Network and have enabled nearly 200 leaders to experience Asia.

What are cluster meetings?
From time to time the Foundation brings together leaders based on geographic location, either in New Zealand or offshore.  Cluster meetings have been held in main centres of New Zealand, Yogyakarta (for Southeast Asia-based leaders) and Xi’an (for North Asia leaders).  Gatherings are also held further afield (such as in Australia and the United Kingdom) when team members are travelling.

What else can I get involved in?
One of the Foundation’s strengths is our ability to access special events. We are often offered opportunities by other agencies and organisation nationally and internationally which we are able to pass on to our network members.  This includes Track II diplomacy dialogues hosted by the Foundation in New Zealand and offshore. We also offer Leadership Network focussed dialogues with Habibie Center of Indonesia and Timor Leste. 

Business opportunities are provided through the ASEAN Young Business Leaders Initiative (YBLI) that the Foundation manages.

The Foundation holds monthly Asia After Five networking events that we encourage network members to get involved in, and from time to time other events and opportunities will be held. 

The Leadership Network team is always on the lookout for ideas to develop or opportunities provided by partners.

How will I know an opportunity exists?
All opportunities will be promoted through at least two of three of the following channels:

  • Our website
  • The Leadership Network LinkedIn Group page
  • The Leadership Network monthly newsletter
  • A direct email to network members

Regularly check the website and set up a weekly digest so you are able to get alerts when conversations are started on the LinkedIn group page.


Travel insurance

Is travel insurance mandatory?
Travel insurance is mandatory for all Foundation-funded international travel and should be taken out at the time of booking. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance is to be provided to the Foundation before departure. You will not be able to join the trip without it.

For onshore activity, the Foundation is not responsible for payment or reimbursement of any medical expenses incurred by you during an event or after your return home, irrespective of whether or not such expenses are related to conditions that arose during your participation. The Foundation ensures that all due care is taken when planning activities.

Will the Foundation arrange and cover my insurance?
It is your own responsibility to ensure that appropriate insurance coverage has been arranged and paid for. For Foundation-funded international travel, insurance is mandatory.

What does my policy need to cover?
At a minimum, your travel insurance should be ‘comprehensive’, providing cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability.

The Foundation is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to property or person during the period of travel. Nor is the Foundation responsible for paying medical expenses incurred after the grantee returns to New Zealand.

Visa information

Will you help attain and pay for visas?
The Foundation does not assist in the actual visa application process – this is your own responsibility. You are also responsible for any costs associated with applying for the visa. We can, however, help out with arranging letters of invitation for certain trips (for example Track II Dialogues). The Foundation needs to sight a copy of your visa (if required) before departure. You will not be able to join the trip without it.

How do I find out about the visa requirements for the trip?
It is your responsibility to secure the appropriate type of visa(s) for your travel. The Asia New Zealand Foundation cannot provide visa advice. If you need a letter of invitation for your visa, this should be provided by your host organisation in Asia or from the Foundation if it is organising the visit.

How do I organise my visa?
Contact the relevant local embassy, or visit a travel agent, to organise your visa/s. Embassy websites will always have information about requirements and visa costs and will provide the required forms. If you are uncomfortable with the visa process, you can visit a travel agent who can arrange these for you at a cost.

Domestic Travel costs

What travel costs will the Foundation cover?
For domestic travel, the Foundation will cover the cost of a return economy, seat-only fare.

The Foundation may at rare times make your booking (eg, if you are an Advisory Board member attending a meeting). Otherwise, reimbursement of actual costs will be made.

Depending on the destination, amounts may be adjusted, but as a general rule the Foundation will fund up to the following amounts (return travel):

  • Between Wellington and Auckland – up to $300
  • From regional North Island – up to $350
  • From South Island – up to $450

If for some reason participants book a higher-level flight, the Foundation will reimburse the relative cost of the seat-only fare.

If flight changes are made for personal reasons, this cost should be covered by you.

The Foundation will reimburse the cost of a return airport bus fare at the destination.

You are responsible for transfers to and from your nearest airport for the trip.

All accommodation and main meals during programmes organised by the Foundation will be covered, as well as scheduled activities and on-the-ground travel costs.

After making your bookings, send the Foundation your confirmed travel arrangements (tax invoices and receipts) and bank details so you can be reimbursed based on the amount set for each opportunity.

International Travel costs

For international travel, the Foundation will determine subsidies as and when opportunities become available.

What travel costs am I responsible for?
You are expected to contribute to opportunities by covering transfers to and from your nearest airport for the trip, travel insurance and visas, incidental costs and personal spending money.


Who will book my flights?
You are responsible for organising your own flights and travel arrangements in general. After making your bookings, send the Foundation your confirmed travel arrangements (tax invoices and receipts) and bank details so you can be reimbursed based on the amount set for each opportunity.

While the Asia New Zealand Foundation does not operate as a travel agency, we may assist in booking your flights if it proves convenient.

What flights can be reimbursed?
In cases where you need to arrange your own travel, the Foundation will reimburse you for the actual cost of your economy ticket to and from the event destination, up to the agreed-upon limit for international/domestic sectors. If your reimbursement includes a personal side trip or itinerary variation, the reimbursement will be up to the predetermined amounts.


What costs will the Foundation cover?
The Foundation will cover travel costs as outlined above.

All accommodation and main meals during programmes organised by the Foundation will be covered, as well as scheduled activities and on-the-ground travel costs.

What costs am I responsible for?
As noted above, you are responsible for domestic airport transfers, travel insurance and visas, incidental costs (e.g., laundry, internet, snacks and refreshments), and personal spending.

General information

What will I eat?
The Foundation covers main meals during events and travel.  If you have any dietary considerations to be taken into account, you should advise the organiser of the event.

Where will I sleep?
Accommodation is generally provided on single room basis.

Can I arrive late or early?
You are required to arrive and depart at the times specified and participate fully in all events and activities.

Fitness, health & safety

How fit do I need to be?
Although you don’t need to necessarily be able to run a marathon, a reasonable level of fitness is expected, particularly for offshore hui and events where there may be a lot of walking or outside activity.

Will you look after my belongings?
The Foundation has no liability for loss or damage to baggage or personal property. You acknowledge and agree that any claim you bring against a carrier for damage to or loss of your property will be limited and subject to the terms of the ticket/s or contract of carriage issued to you by the airline or other purveyor of transport.

Do I need medical insurance?
If you are travelling offshore, travel insurance (including medical insurance) is mandatory and the Foundation must sight a copy of your policy before departure.