Meet a few of our Leadership Network members

Brad Olsen,
Senior Economist, Infometrics

Brad joined the Leadership Network in 2018. He has recently attended the China Hui in 2019, travelling to Asia for the first time in his life.

Nina Santos,
Social Media Coordinator, MfE

Nina joined the network in 2018. She is a social media coordinator at the Ministry for the Environment.

Raphael Jo,
Final year of BA/LLB (Hons)

Raphael joined the network in 2019. He is in his final year of his BA/LLB (Hons) conjoint degree at the University of Auckland.

Lingy Au,
Programme manager of entrepreneurship, MFAT

Lingi joined the network in 2017. He is programme manager of entrepreneurship at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, connecting entrepreneurs between New Zealand and Germany.

Fine Lavoni Koloamatangi,
PHD student

Fine joined the network in 2018. Fine, who is of Tongan descent, was born and raised in Auckland and is currently studying at the University of Auckland for a PhD in Art History. 

Bing Lou,
Senior Advisor, MPI

Bing joined the network in 2015. She has a strong passion for international affairs and sustainable development.

Margie Hunt,
NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology

Margie joined the network in 2018. She is currently the Auckland Board Chair at the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology.