frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about attending an entrepreneurship programme overseas visit, you should be able to find answers here.

What's covered?

The Foundation will cover return flights, accommodation, on-ground transportation and most meals.

The foundation will NOT cover: alcohol, laundry, sim cards, personal shopping.

Insurance will be covered for incoming programmes, but if you are a Kiwi heading to Asia you will need to arrange your own insurance for the trip.




How are participants chosen?

Candidates are chosen by the Foundation in consultation with New Zealand offshore diplomatic posts and domestic industry experts.



Who can apply?

Participants must:

  • be aged under 40 years old
  • have a reasonable level of health and fitness
  • be an entrepreneur, business leader, CEO or senior manager in a New Zealand, North Asian or Southeast Asian business (depending on the programme).
  • be confident speakers willing to engage in dialogue with entrepreneurs from other countries
  • work in the sector the specific programme is targeting, for instance food and beverage, health and beauty, agriculture, fashion.

Can I stay longer?

The Foundation is happy to let participants stay longer or arrive earlier in a country, but will not cover any extra expenses.

The Foundation will still cover the return flights if a participant who chooses to stay longer in the country they are visiting but will only cover airfares up to the value of the programme's scheduled flights. 


Can Ieave the programme early?

All participants of the programme are expected to take part in all aspects of the programme - you cannot arrive late or depart early. There may be some optional activities (which will be indicated on the itinerary), where you may use that time as you wish.


What happens after the trip?

You will be expected to provide the Foundation with a report of the trip. You will also be introduced to participants from past programmes, which can be a very useful network to be involved in!

We periodically bring past entrepreneurs together, so they can share where they are on their entrepreneurial journey, especially as it relates to Asia.

You can also get involved in future programmes, connecting with new participants from overseas, and building your knowledge of Asia or New Zealand even further!

We publish stories celebrating successes and maintain an active social media network to keep connections active. This is most frequently used when people are travelling and looking for contacts and information in a particular region.


What is a pre-departure briefing and do I have to attend?

All New Zealand-based participants must attend a pre-departure briefing before the visiting Asia.

In this meeting you will be briefed on what the Asia New Zealand Foundation is, the purpose of the programme and what to expect from the trip. We will also bring in speakers to give you an idea of what to expect during your visit.


How do I apply?

We will usually ask for a CV and Letter of Interest from applicants. There may also be an application form, with further questions about you and your business.

Further information will be made available when we promote an opportunity.


Can more than one person from a business apply?

Multiple people from the same business are more than welcome to apply, but please note it would be unlikely that more than one person from a single business will be chosen.


Can I participate in more than one visit?

Past participants are more than welcome to apply again, but new participants will be favoured in the selection process to ensure our programme is having the widest reach.


When can I expect to hear back after submitting my application?

For programmes outgoing to Asia we hope to get back to you within one week of the deadline.

For programmes coming to New Zealand, it can take up to three weeks before we get back to all applicants.


Do I need to organise my own insurance?

If you are a New Zealander heading out from New Zealand, then you will need to organise and pay for your own insurance. NOTE: Having insurance is a requirement for participating in the programme.

If you are coming into New Zealand, the Foundation will organise travel insurance for you.


Do I need to organise my own visas?

Incoming to New Zealand

You will need to organise and pay for you own visa.We will supply a Letter of Invitation to all incoming entrepreneurs participating in our programmes and can help with the visa process if necessary.

Outgoing to Southeast Asia

All applicants must organise and pay for their own visa for any outgoing trips. We can let you know whether a visa is required and what sort you should apply for.


What other organisations are involved

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.
  • The ASEAN New Zealand Business Council.



What are the terms and conditions for participating in the programme?

Participants must agree to the standard terms and conditions for all Foundation activities. This will also be sent to you when selected to participate in one of our programmes.

More questions?

Please feel free to email us at: [email protected]