Sports Knowledge Exchange

The Foundation's Sports Knowledge Exchange is a fund for New Zealand sports sector representatives to establish connections and develop relationships with their counterparts in Asia.

The fund is aimed at sports administrators, national sports organisation representatives, event organisers, coaches, umpires and officials to grow a deeper understanding of the delivery of sport in the region. 

The funding can be used to travel to Asia to meet with sports representatives/organisations to learn from them and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Though not a requirement, a positive outcome of this investment would be reciprocal hosting in New Zealand of representatives from the organisation/s you met with in Asia (Note, this will not be covered by the Foundation). 

The fund will be offered once a year and is open to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. Applicants can apply for up to $6000.

  • The 2023 application round has now closed. Keep an eye on this page in mid-2024 for information on the next round

Why we offer Sports Knowledge Exchange funding

Asia is growing in global importance for sports. To make the most of the opportunities this brings, New Zealand sporting representatives and bodies should do more to connect with and learn from their equivalents in Asia. This was one of the findings from a research report the Foundation released in 2022, The Rising Impact of Asia on New Zealand Sport, which looks at New Zealand sportspeople’s experiences and learnings from their time spent in the region.

The report offers four key recommendations encompassing preparedness, relationship-building, long-term strategic planning, and the need for additional research.

The relationship-building recommendation highlights the importance of identifying and growing a range of opportunities for mutually productive knowledge exchanges between New Zealand and sports organisation’s across Asia. The Foundation is pleased to offer the Sports Knowledge Exchange to assist with this recommendation.


Applicants must:

  • be working in the New Zealand sports sector
  • have support from their NSO (National Sporting Organisation) or equivalent
  • be able to articulate how their planned visit will help develop new connections or strengthen existing sporting professional connections in Asia
  • have pre-established contacts in Asia they wish to meet with
  • be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

Terms and conditions

On their return to New Zealand, grant recipients should seek opportunities to share their experience and learnings within their sports community and with the Foundation. 

 Foundation funding recipients are expected to:

  • provide a 500-600 word article for the Asia New Zealand Foundation website, including photos (to be submitted while undertaking the trip or within two weeks of completion)
  • submit a report on their experience accounting for how the funding was spent (further details will be provided to successful applicants)
  • seek opportunities to share their experience on return to New Zealand
  • remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Though not a requirement, there is an expectation that an invitation will be extended to the Asia host for them to travel to New Zealand for a reciprocal exchange. 

Applicants must submit reports on any outstanding funds they have received previously from the Foundation, before a new application will be considered. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Note: The Asia New Zealand Foundation is liable to inspection by the Office of the Auditor General. Therefore, all successful applicants will be required to account for the spending of funds received. The Foundation will require the funds to be returned if their use cannot be adequately accounted for.

How to apply

The 2023 application round has now closed. Keep an eye on this page in mid-2024 for information on the next round.


  • The fund will be offered once a year.
  • Applications will be assessed by a panel, which will include one external assessor. 
  • Applications for 2025 trips open Monday 28 October 2024 and close Monday 25 November 2024, with announcements by Friday 20 December 2024. 
  • Applicants can apply up to a maximum of $6000 
  • All applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
  • The Foundation provides funding towards activities in South Asia (India, Bangladesh Sri Lanka etc), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia etc), North Asia (China, South Korea and Japan).  We do not provide funding for activities in the Middle East.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact Kirsty Sharp, programme manager (Sport), / phone 0274589641.