Community sports funding

The Foundation invites community groups to apply for grants to support sports groups travelling to Japan.

2020/21 Funding Deadlines

We will be accepting applications from Monday 18 May, closing 5pm, Friday 18 September.

If your travel plans do not fit into the funding time frames please contact Kirsty Sharp, Sports Adviser, [email protected] / 0274589641

About the Community Sports Fund

Community Sport Funding grants are for sports groups already travelling to Japan to include additional cultural activities into their schedules.

By providing sportspeople the opportunity to extend their experiences in Japan to include cultural activities, we hope to help ignite their curiosity to learn more about the country with the expectation that they share their experiences on their return to New Zealand.

Are all sports groups eligible?

Funding is available for amateur codes only. All applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. The main criteria for travelling to Japan is to participate, train, upskill or officiate in sport.

What will funding cover?

The Foundation will support uniquely Japanese cultural activities or activities that provide a uniquely Japanese experience.

Funding can go towards transportation, tickets, entry fees, food and accommodation (at the discretion of the Foundation).*

The following is a list of some suggested activities:

  • Visit a shrine, museum or gallery
  • Attend a sporting event such as sumo, baseball, kendo or judo
  • Attend a festival (autumn festival, cherry blossom festival)
  • Participate in a craft-making workshop, such as bonsai, origami, ikebana
  • Staying a night at a Japanese inn (minshuku)
  • Visit the Sky Tree tower in Tokyo
  • Take a trip on a bullet train
  • Visit Akihabara district of Tokyo 
  • Visit the Sony Museum
  • Bathe in an onsen.

Read the 2019 sumo tournament calendar (PDF - 190KB)

*Please speak to Kirsty Sharp if you have any questions about the eligibility of the activities you wish to do

How much can I apply for?

Applicants can apply for up to $7000.

How long will the funding process take?

The Foundation will notify applicants of the outcome of their funding request within three weeks of the closing date of the application round.

How to apply

We will be accepting applications from Monday 18 May, closing 5pm, Friday 18 September.

If your travel plans do not fit into the funding time frames, please contact Kirsty Sharp, Sports Adviser, [email protected] / 0274589641


Terms and conditions

Sports groups receiving funds are required to extend their itinerary while in Japan beyond the sports activity and experience Japanese culture, please note this does not include Tokyo Disney Resort.

Groups must be given approval to travel by their NSO (National Sport Organisation).

There will be several options where you can acknowledge the Foundation’s  support, prior, during and on return, these will be discussed with the successful recipients.

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the standard terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients.

 Foundation funding recipients are expected to:

  • provide a 500-600 word article for the Asia New Zealand Foundation website, including photos (to be submitted while undertaking the trip or within two weeks of completion).
  • submit a report on their experience accounting for how the funding was spent (further details will be provided to successful applicants)
  • seek opportunities to share their experience on return to New Zealand
  • remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Please read the full terms and conditions

It should be noted that the Asia New Zealand Foundation is liable to inspection by the Office of the Auditor General. Therefore, all successful applicants will be required to account for the spending of funds received. The Foundation will require the funds to be returned if their use cannot be adequately accounted for.

Applicants must submit reports on any outstanding funds they have received before a new application will be considered. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


For more information please contact Asia New Zealand Foundation sports adviser Kirsty Sharp.

[email protected]