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ASEAN's Perspective of New Zealand's Place in Asia

With the transformations that have taken place within New Zealand, in terms of its changing demography, as well as its clear support of ASEAN’s centrality in the regional security architecture, New Ze

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Tracking Study of Asian Business Graduates - Part one

This first report discusses preliminary findings from the initial online survey of 131 students and 40 in-depth interviews.

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Asia Aware – Why Asia matters to New Zealand

New Zealand already has links with Asia but we can build on these to open up a world of opportunities, especially for young New Zealanders.

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Asians in Dunedin: Not a new story

Dunedin has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Asia. As was the case in the United States, Canada and Australia, the initial impetus for Chinese migration to New Zealand was a gold rush

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New Zealanders’ Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples 2009

This research report presents the 2009 results of the annual ‘Perceptions of Asia’ survey conducted for the Asia New Zealand Foundation (Asia:NZ).

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Asians in Christchurch: the 'most British' city diversifies

This report shows that despite a relatively small Asian population through much of the 20th century, the origins of local Asian residents stretch back to the 1800s.

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Asians in Wellington: Changing the ethnic profile of the capital city

This final Outlook report in the series on New Zealand’s Asian populations looks at Asians in Wellington and the changing ethnic profiles of New Zealand's capital city.

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Diverse Auckland: the face of New Zealand in the 21st Century?

The changing ethnic make-up of Auckland foreshadows changes that will spread to other parts of New Zealand.

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Friends and Allies: impacts of returning Asian students on New Zealand-Asia relationships

Asian students who studied in New Zealand under the Colombo Plan hold a particularly nostalgic place in New Zealand’s collective memory.

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Asians in New Zealand: Implications of a changing demography

In this report, authors Dr Raj Vasil and Dr Hong-Kee Yoon look at New Zealand's changing demography, with a focus on immigration from Asia.

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New Zealand and East Asia's Security Future

This report explores the place of East Asia in the evolution of New Zealand’s security and defence policies over the past 15 years, with a particular focus on current settings.

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New Zealand-Southeast Asia Relations
Contemporary relationship

This research report looks at Southeast Asia’s ongoing importance to New Zealand.

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