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Japan's expectations of how New Zealand can contribute to Asian security

Despite New Zealand’s remoteness from the rest of Asia, diplomatic relations, educational exchanges, tourism, business relations and immigration have linked the security of New Zealand with the securi

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Building New Zealand-Asian
business relations

The rapid rise in Asian economies is creating unprecedented opportunities for New Zealand businesses. In the first in a series on business culture in Asia, Rod Oram argues that New Zealand businesses

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Annual Report 2011

The Asia New Zealand Foundation (Asia:NZ) mission is to build and sustain New Zealanders’ knowledge and understanding of the countries, people, cultures and languages of Asia, so they can develop more

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Perceptions of Asia 2010

The 2010 edition of the Perceptions of Asia research report conducted by the Asia New Zealand Foundation yearly with input from Colmar Brunton. The report covers the year 2010-2011.

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ASEAN's Perspective of New Zealand's Place in Asia

With the transformations that have taken place within New Zealand, in terms of its changing demography, as well as its clear support of ASEAN’s centrality in the regional security architecture, New Ze

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