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Hong Kong in Flux

Three speakers reflect on the future of Hong Kong and offer different perspectives on recent events including the new security legislation.

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China Business Summit 2020

It’s time for New Zealand business to step up trade with our largest trading partner, China, as we start to put the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic behind us.

Entrepreneurship / News
Up against the wall: stories of resilience from Southeast Asian entrepreneurs

Watch a Foundation webinar bringing together three entrepreneurs to discuss how they and their businesses are navigating these difficult times.

Education / News
Lessons from lockdown

Despite their countries experiencing very different COVID trajectories, teachers in Singapore and New Zealand faced similar challenges during their respective lockdowns.

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Festival for the Future

The Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono is a silver sponsor of the festival, which is one of Aotearoa’s biggest events for young people. It is being run as a digital summit this year – #FFTFL

Track II / News
Importance of informal diplomacy never greater

Jackson Calder looks back on his experiences partaking in Track II dialogues over the past two years and how they have inspired him to further develop his interest in international relations.

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Rags2Riches helping empower women in the Philippines

Philippines social entrepreneur Therese Fernandez-Ruiz openly confesses that before her first visit, her sum knowledge about New Zealand was “cows, Lorde, Xero, and Lord of the Rings”.

Leadership / News
Q&A: Leaving Cambodia bitter sweet for Leadership Network member

It was with a sense of relief tinged with sadness for friends and colleagues she had to leave behind that Leadership Network member Sarah van Boekhout returned to New Zealand as COVID-19 first emerged

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New Zealander's Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples - 2019 annual study

The latest Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples survey reveals that New Zealanders feel closer to Asia compared to five years ago.

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New Zealanders see ties with Asia as increasingly important, survey shows

New Zealand’s recovery from COVID-19 will be closely tied to Asia’s, and new research from the Asia New Zealand Foundation shows more New Zealander's recognise Asia's importance to this country.

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Intern finds his feet in Vietnam after shaky start

Having spent time in Thailand the previous year, Ethan Laby arrived in Vietnam confident he knew what to expect. However, it wasn't long before he realised Vietnam was a whole new kettle of fish...

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Simon Draper's June 2020 update

Staff at the Foundation are now all back in the office, having reversed the process that took place three months ago when computers and monitors were lugged home and bedroom offices established.

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