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Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre internship

This internship is aimed at practising lawyers and law students who are interested in international dispute resolution and international arbitration.

Media / News
Steve Braunias ferrets out books and snakes in Hong Kong

Journalist Steve Braunias describes attending the Hong Kong International Writers Festival, gauging the mood of writers and publishers in a city where freedoms of speech are increasingly suppressed.

Leadership Network / News
Leadership Network member's China odyssey redirected by Covid

While the onset of Covid forced him to look closer to home to begin his career journey, Leadership Network member Sam Brosnahan is looking forward to future adventures in Asia.

Business / News
Internship an indisputable success

Coming to the end of her summer internship, Victoria University law student Lydia Joyce says the experience has provided her fascinating insights into the world of international dispute resolution.

Business / News
Internships to boost young New Zealanders' Asia capabilities

Eighteen New Zealand tertiary students and recent graduates will experience how business is done in Asia while undertaking domestic, online and in-country internships this summer.

Business / News
Eat the Kiwi an amazing career appetiser for Kiwi intern

Otago University graduate Cooper Jamieson says his online internship with NZ food distribution company Eat the Kiwi opened his eyes to the possibility of forging a career in Asia.

Business / News
Online intern learns the ropes of international arbitration

Auckland University graduate Gauri Prabhakar describes her online summer internship at Hong Kong-based international disputes resolution organisation, HKIAC.

Track II / News
Asia-focused think tank opportunities

With New Zealand's borders opening back up, young New Zealanders will be looking further afield for opportunities to study or progress in their career paths.

Business / News
Intern goes to bat for illegally traded animals

Business intern Abby Jones says it was a real eye-opener to find out about the extent of illegal wildlife trading and its connections to organised crime during her summer internship.

Leadership Network / News
Hong Kongers unite in effort to eradicate COVID-19

Leadership Network member Wei-Wei Ng compares the response to COVID-19 in Hong Kong to what she experienced during a short visit to New Zealand in March.

Business / News
Intern at home in fascinating Hong Kong

Naushyn Janah writes about her internship at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and falling in love with the diverse, vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Entrepreneurship / News
Sheep milk and honey on the menu for North Asian entrepreneurs

Dairy cows, dairy sheep, honey bees and kiwifruit were all New Zealand specialties on show for seven entrepreneurs from North Asia.

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