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Frequently asked internship questions

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Leadership Network Ngopi & Kōrero

Find out about connecting with fellow network members to make new friends, discuss life, leadership and Asia and help strengthen the bonds that make the Leadership Network special.

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International Women's Day 2022

On International Women’s Day 2022, here’s to all the inspiring wāhine toa that the Asia New Zealand Foundation gets to work with and support.

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Foundation looking to hear from sportspeople with experience in Asia

If you have experience working, travelling, or competing in Asian countries for sport or sport-related purposes sometime in the past two decades, we would love to hear from you.

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Business Internships FAQs

Check here for a list of frequently asked questions about the Foundation's business internships.

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Leadership Network book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu Huì

The Leadership Network is piloting an online book club 书友会 Shū Yǒu huì for members of the network.

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Champions programme

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is launching a Champions programme to bring together leading educators who can act as amplifiers and role models, ensuring Asia is valued in New Zealand schools.

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Track II – NextGen

Find out about getting involved in Track II diplomacy through out NextGen programme.

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Leadership Network Mentorship Programme

The Leadership Network's Mentorship Programme forges connections within the network's 400-strong membership by providing a way for members to support one another’s leadership development through the s

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Strategic Partnership Fund

Our Strategic Business Partnership Fund aims to build long-term partnerships with major organisations to enable the delivery of conferences, events or meetings that give New Zealanders significant opp

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About our business programme

Our business programme supports New Zealand companies to better understand Asia so they can make the most of opportunities in the region. We are also focussed on growing the next generation of Asia-sa

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Asia Business Leaders and Economic Thought Leaders Fund

The Foundation supports major business conferences and events promote diversity among speakers and enhance their Asia content by helping to identify and fund speakers from Asia for your event.

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