About the research programme

Our research programme commissions studies that support informed public conversations about New Zealand’s relationship with Asia. We also support the next generation of scholars through our postgraduate research grants.

The Foundation commissions three to four pieces of research each year.  These reports vary in focus and scale, depending on what is happening in New Zealand’s relationship with Asia. 

Our aim is to generate research which is useful, relevant and authoritative for our stakeholders, and beyond.  We want to support conversations about the New Zealand-Asia relationship that are more informed and frequent, in part driven by our research and outreach.

The data generated by our research (particularly the attitudinal surveys we commission) also supports and guides the wider work of the Foundation – we aim to be data-driven in our work.  

The centerpiece of our programme is our annual survey on New Zealanders’ perceptions of Asia and Asian peoples.  This has been running for over two decades and provides a unique longitudinal data set.

Every three years we commission a survey into the ‘Asia-readiness’ of New Zealand school leavers (years 12-13). The data from this research has helped drive the Foundation’s #ThinkAsia work – particularly given the findings that only 8% of school leavers can be classified as ‘Asia-ready’; and fewer than four out of ten believe Asia-related skills and knowledge with be important for New Zealand’s future workforce.

We also commission mini polls, which tend to have a Think Asia focus: such as the influence of the Asia OE on young New Zealanders; or on the availability of Asia-focussed careers advice.