Where in Asia are you?

Question 1 / 10

From the street corner you’re standing on, you can see a red and white tower that reminds you of the Eifel Tower looming over nearby buildings.
You’re walking along a busy promenade, looking across a river at a skyline of skyscrapers. Behind you are old stone buildings with clock towers and domes.
You’re in central Laos looking across rolling green countryside with unusual cylindrical stone vessels scattered across it. The vessels are hewn from rock and some of them are 3m across.
You’re standing at the bottom of a long, wide flight of multicoloured stairs, a massive golden statue stands to your right. The stairs disappear into mouth of an enormous cave in the forested limestone hill in front of you.
From your vantage point atop a massive Ferris wheel, you look across an expanse of water to strange tree-like structures glowing in the humid air. What a view, Lah! But what is the name of this Ferris wheel?
You’re looking across a quiet river in a low-rise city. To your right is a brick building with no windows topped by the frame of a dome. A small ferry passes in front of you. Behind you a woman holds a placard and across the river a group of school children are singing.
You’re in a bustling night market pondering whether to buy deep-fried squid or chou (stinky) tofu? Sipping on your bubble tea, which was invented locally in the 1980s, you settle on the squid and head off to try and win a prize by throwing darts at water-filled balloons.
You’re standing on the top of a pyramid-like structure, surrounded by large bell-shaped stone features and statues of buddhas in prayer. Through the morning haze you can pick out the distant silhouette of a smoking volcano.
You are crossing a walkway that spans the gap between two enormous towers. Below you are the motorways, parks and high rises of a lush tropical city. What is the name of the city you are looking out across?
You're sitting on the banks of an inner-city lake eating an early morning breakfast of Pâté chaud as the lake turns pink from the morning sun. Nearby a group of people are practising t’ai chi. A man is rowing a dinghy out to an island in the middle of the lake with a stone pagoda on it. At the other end of the lake you can see a red bridge leading to a temple. Where are you?