Tokyo 2020 Games quiz

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The Olympic Games have been held in Tokyo on one other occasion. What year was it?
What material are this year’s Olympic Games medals made of? (The photo below is not an accurate representation of the medals.)
How many medals will be handed out at this year’s Olympic Games?
What caused the cancellation of the Olympics the first time Tokyo was set to host it?
How many medals has New Zealand Paralympic swimmer Sophie Pascoe won?
What is the motto for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?
Who is the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games?
The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the same stadium as the main 1964 Olympics stadium.
Peter Snell was New Zealand's star performer at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, winning gold medals in two track and field events. What were they?
Which of the following sports is not being included for the first time at this year's Olympic Games?