Textiles and fabrics of Asia

Do you know your batik from your bojagi? Test your knowledge with this 10-question quiz about textiles and fabrics of Asia!

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What is the name of a popular dyeing technique using dots and lines originating in Indonesia?
Which country is the greatest manufacturer of cotton in the world?
What was the ancient trade route connecting Europe and Asia called?
The pictured flower is commonly used in Laos to dye fabrics a particular purple colour; what is the flower called?
Which of the following spices was traditionally used (and is still commonly used) to dye saris?
Approximately how many people are employed in India's textile industry?
What is the name of this traditional Korean stitched textile (see picture)?
Jamdani is a textile produced in the Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. What is it made out of?
What colour dye is made from the Marigold flower, traditionally used to dye silk scarves, fabric and yarn in India?
The earliest evidence of cotton use was found in the Bolan Pass in what is today Pakistan. From what period did the cotton come from?