Te reo Māori - Asia quiz

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In Japanese it is kawa, in te reo it is awa, what is it in English?
What is the te reo word for Asia?
Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino and te reo are Malayo-Polynesian languages – a subgroup of Austronesian languages and share a number of commonalities. One word that is very similar in both languages is rima (te reo) and lima (Bahasa and Filipino/Tagalog). What number is rima and lima in English?
Is Kōrea-ki-te-raki the te reo name for North or South Korea?
In Japanese it's neko and in te reo it's ngeru. What is it in English?
What is the te reo word for China?
Bahasa Indonesia and te reo share the same word for a part of the human body – mata. What is mata in English?
In Japanese ika means squid. What does ika mean in te reo?
Is Tairana te reo for Taiwan or Thailand?
In Filipino the word means heritage and in te reo it can mean a force/essence/spiritual power in a person that is inherited at birth. What is the word?