Street food of Asia

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If you bought a bubble milk tea (zhen zhu nai cha) from a Taipei night market, what would you find bobbing at the bottom of your cup?
Chou tofu is a delicacy sold by street vendors in a number of places in Asia with a Chinese connection. What is its most notable attribute?
Nasi lemak is a traditional Malay dish sold from street stalls that is served with a number of accoutrements. Which of the following ingredients are you unlikely to find on your plate of nasi lemak?
If you order jiaozi 餃子 from a street food vendor in China, what would you be getting?
In 2016, two street food establishments in Asia serving noodle dishes were awarded Michelin stars. Where were they located?
The movie Parasite is credited with popularising the Korean dish Jjapaguri. What is the base ingredient of Jjapaguri?
What best describes the traditional Indian dessert Gulab Jamun.
What kind of noodles are in Japan’s famous street food ramen noodle soup?
What is the main ingredient of the sauce that usually accompanies the Indonesian salad gado gado?
The most well known Vietnamese street food has to be the noodle soup Phở. What best describes Phở?