Sports of Asia

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Indonesia has won 37 Olympic medals across just three sports. What are those sports?
What is the English word for the venue in which sumo wrestlers train and live?
In Thailand, kickboxing is known as:
Ichiro Suzuki is a famous Japanese:
How tall is Chinese former NBA basketball sensation Yao Ming?
Born in Japan, how old was Naomi Osaka when she moved with her family to the United States?
In 2022, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. In what city was the last Winter Olympics held?
In September this year, former eight-division world boxing champion Many Pacquiao announced that he would be doing what in 2022?
India and Pakistan have played each other 59 times in test matches. 38 of these were draws or no results. Which team has the most victories?
Which of the following most accurately describes the Southeast Asian sport of Sepak Takraw?