Rural Asia quiz

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What bird was (and still is in some places) traditionally used in rural parts of China and Japan to catch fish?
Which Asian country has the highest percentage of rural dwellers?
What animal is known as ‘the tractor of the east’ due to the millennia of assistance it has provided farmers in parts of Asia?
In what year is it believed China’s urban population exceeded its rural population for the first time?
What fish species is the most farmed in Asia?
Why did Indian farmers camp in their thousands on the outskirts of Delhi and blockade roads with tractors in 2021?
By volume, what crop does India produce most of?
What is the average age of a farmer in Japan?
When most people think of rural Asia paddy fields spring to mind with their iconic terraces cascading down lush green hillsides. Paddy (or padi) means rice plant, but from which language is it derived?
What did the Sri Lankan government ban in 2021 causing food production to plummet and contributing to the country’s economic crisis?