Pets of Asia quiz

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Nepal's Kukur Tihar festival celebrates the bond between humans and dogs. During Kurkur Tihar, dogs are treated like royalty and showered with flowers and garlands. Kurkur Tihar is held annually on the second day of what festival?
What handheld digital pet is pictured here?
What animal is the most popular pet in Indonesia?
In China, where the breed was first developed, pugs (once known as Lo-Chiang-Sze) were originally bred for what purpose?
Jennie from girl band Black Pink is the proud owner of what breed of dog? In South Korea, the dog is almost as famous as its owner with some 42,000 followers on Instagram and has appeared on the cover of Korea Vogue. (breed but not actual dog pictured)
Complete the book title by renowned Japanese author Sosuke Natsukawa: The Cat Who Saved _________
Renowned for having over 800 dogs, the nawab of Junagadh, Muhammad Mahabat Khan III, was an eminent conservationist, but it was his adoration for his dogs that attracted the most attention, and raised a few eyebrows.

What did the nawab spend £22,000 on (almost $400,000 NZD in today’s money) in 1922 to secure his notoriety as a dog lover for the ages?
In the classic 1997 animated film Princess Mononoke, what kind of animal is Moro, the princess's companion?
From which country do Siamese cats originate?
Memorialised in sculpture, film and literature, the famous Japanese dog Hachiko was remembered for what?