Music of Asia Quiz

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Indian musician Ravi Shankar taught which Beatle how to play the sitar?
What country is gamelan music associated with?
What family of instruments are predominantly used to make gamelan music?
How many strings does an erhu (Chinese violin) have?
Which of the following countries is associated with throat singing?
According to the Chess musical hit, "the world will be your oyster" after one night in which Asian city?
The world famous Korean pop group BTS is also known as...:
In his 2012 hit, the K-Pop singer Psy sings about ‘Gangnam style’. What is Gangnam?
Which came first, J-Pop or K-Pop
In the Philippines, what song has become synonymous with a spate of (otherwise unrelated) karaoke killings between 2002 and 2012. People singing this song were killed for a variety of reasons including poor execution (of the song) and perceived arrogance of the lyrics.