Metros, undergrounds and subways of Asia

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In what decade did Tokyo’s underground open?
Where would you be if you took the short ride on the MTR from Admiralty under Victoria Harbour to the Hung Hom stop.
Which of the following countries has no underground systems?
Where would you be if you were catching the underground train (pictured) on the Chollima Line from Puhung Station to Yonggwang station?
In what year did doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo release sarin gas on the Tokyo subway, killing 13 people?
In which city would you be in if you rode the full 57.7km of the Putrajaya Line from Kwasa Damansara to Putrajaya Sentral?
In which city's underground system were 198 people killed in 2003 when a man set fire to two trains?
Which country is currently building its first underground metro system connecting Valenzuela to Ninoy Aquino International Airport?
What does a pink seat signify on Seoul's underground?
What might an oshiya do to you on the Tokyo metro system?