Last month in Asia

Test you knowledge of current events in Asia with this month's quiz.

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What baby animal stole hearts and became a social media star in Thailand last month?
What is the name of Hong Kong’s chief executive who has been in the headlines recently for her handling of protests in Hong Kong?
Why have hundreds of thousands of protesters turned out on Hong Kong streets in recent weeks?
How many runs did Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli make in the World Cup semi-final played against New Zealand?
Where did US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet recently?
What event was Trump attending when he took time out from his schedule to meet with the North Korean leader?
Where was the G-20 Summit (which Trump attended prior to meeting with Kim Jong-un) held?
Which of the following countries was not represented at the 34th ASEAN Summit, which was held in Bangkok last month?
In June, what did Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing pledge to pay for over the next four years?
On July 1, five boats from Japan set out on the first official commercial whaling expedition since when?