Dumpling quiz

Test your knowledge about dumplings with this quick quiz... can you get 10/10?

Question 1 / 10

What is the Chinese Mandarin word for ‘dumpling’?
What is the name of the Japanese dessert dumplings related to mochi?
Boiled dumplings are part of the cultural traditions for which Chinese holiday?
What is a Xiao Long Bao?
Chinese lore claims the original dumpling was made during the Eastern Han dynasty by ‘medicine saint’ Zhang Zhongjing. Why did he invent them?
In which Asian country would you find the crispy dumplings Thung Thong?
What is Dim Sum?
What is the original shape of an authentic Chinese dumpling meant to imitate?
What is the name of Korea’s meat-filled dumpling?
Where would you find the Michelin-stared Dim Sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan, reputedly the cheapest Michelin-stared restaurant in the World?