Holidays and festivals across Asia

To get into the holiday spirit, we are testing you on your knowledge of holidays across Asia! See if you can get 10/10.

Question 1 / 10

What worldwide fast food do many people in Japan eat on Christmas day?
What is the holiday season known as in the Philippines?
In Brunei, Christmas is banned – true or false?
Christmas in traditional form is not the most celebrated holiday in India in December, what is celebrated more widely?
China does not celebrate the New Year on 1 January – when does their celebration usually take place?
British grocer Fortnum and Mason received a Christmas hamper order from which surprising non-Christmas-celebrating country in 2017?
Which country has a string of public holidays dubbed the “Golden Week”?
What is the name of the famous Singaporean shopping stretch that is lavishly adorned with Christmas decorations each year?
Which Asian city hosts the biggest New Year’s Eve countdown clock in the world from the tallest building in the city (the tallest building in the world between 2004 and 2010)?
What does Pasko mean in Tagalog, one of Philippines’ two national languages alongside English?