Games and gaming in Asia

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What is the name of the popular Korean Netflix series that involves people playing children’s games in order to win millions of dollars, or die trying?
Is the game Mahjong, which originated in China in the 19th century, played with cards, pegs, tiles or counters?
In January 1975, three units of which arcade game (reputedly the first commercially produced) were installed in the Midopa Department Store in Seoul, making them the first arcade games in the country.
Where was the game Chinese Checkers invented?
As of September 2021, the Chinese government applied a ban on children playing online video games during the week. However, children are still allowed to play on Fridays and during the weekend. How many hours are they allowed to play on these days?
Which description best describes Pachinko?
In what year did Nintendo release its hugely popular arcade game Donkey Kong?
What is lattoo?
Which Japanese gaming company invented the character Sonic the Hedgehog?
What are the black and white pieces called that a player places on a board in a game of Go?
Where did the games Ludo and Snakes and Ladders originate?