Fast food chains in Asia

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What unusual pizza topping is popular at Domino’s Pizza outlets in China (though banned on trains in Singapore)?
With over 1000 outlets throughout the country, what is the biggest fast food chain in the Philippines?
In what country would you find the following burger chains: Freshness Burger, Mos Burger, DomDom Burger, Lotteria?
What is the most popular fast food chain in China?
What is the English name of the Chinese takeaway chain that has a Bruce Lee logo?
In which country would you find the fast food chain Pho 24?
In what year did the first McDonald's open in China?
Originating in Mumbai, Jumbo King is a fast food chain that specialises in vada pav-inspired takeaways. Which of the following best describes vada pav (sometimes nicknamed a “Bombay burger”)?
What year did Myanmar get its first international fast food chains, with the opening of Pizza Hut and KFC?
Does North Korea have any McDonald's outlets?