Environmental issues in Asia

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Which of the following countries is expected to see the most people displaced by rising sea levels?
Has India's wild tiger population increased or decreased by 30 percent in the past four years?
If global temperatures rise by 2 degrees C, what percentage of Himalayan glaciers is expected to disappear by 2100?
Which country generates more power from wind and solar energy than any other country in the world?
Are Asia’s monsoons expected to become stronger or weaker due to climate change?
Which of the following animals is not believed to have become extinct since 2000?
In what year was the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty aimed at reducing green house gases, signed?
How many trees did officials announce were planted in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state on one day in July 2019?
Which of the following countries has the highest per capita CO2 emissions (2018 data)?
The consumption of what contentious dish has decreased in China by about 80% since 2011?