Chopsticks quiz

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Are chopsticks typically longer in Japan or China?
In which of the following countries are chopsticks not the primary eating utensil?
Approximately how many disposable chopsticks are used in China each year?
In which country are metal chopsticks typically used in preference over wooden ones?
Which of the following is considered poor chopstick etiquette in Japan?
What is the fear of chopsticks called?
Why did some aristocrats and emperors in China use silver chopsticks?
What is the Guinness word record for most chopsticks snapped in a minute?
The shape and size of chopsticks differs a little from country to country. If you were using wooden chopsticks with pointed ends, in which of the following countries are you likely to be in?
In what Ang Lee-directed film does a character called Tsai use a pair of chopsticks to catch a dart with a note attached to it, which has flown across the room.