Borrowed words quiz

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Which of the following words comes from Hindi?
Which of the following is the correct origin for the word tycoon?
Which of the following words or phrases originated in Chinese and made its way into the English language after it was picked up by American media during the Korean war?
The title of which of the following films is a word borrowed from Sanskrit?
The slang word cootie (lice or germ) likely entered the English language from an Austronesian language, of which te reo is one (in te reo parasite or lice is kutu). From which Asian language is it believed cootie entered the English lexicon?
What Javanese word meaning a type of boat or ship has been adopted by English?
The name of which condiment originated from Hokkien (a language from Fujian, China)?
Which of the following borrowed English words means squad/group leader in Japanese?
Which of the following words is derived from Sanskrit?
The name of which of the following cities is also a verb in English?