Asia health and medicine quiz

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What traditional Chinese* therapy leaves these marks (photo below)?

*This therapy is also practised elsewhere
According to the World Population Review, which of the following Asian countries has the highest smoking rate in Asia and the fourth highest smoking rate in the world (only beaten out of top spot by three Pacific nations)?
Where did the holistic healing system Ayurveda originate?
Whose 1972 visit to China is credited with popularising acupuncture in the West?
What is the study of traditional Chinese medicine known as in Japan?
What potentially life-threatening practice do some game people in Indonesia do for medicinal purposes?
In 2019, approximately how many medical tourists visited Thailand?
Where would you find the oldest-living people in the world (highest life expectancy)?
In traditional Chinese culture (and still to this day) when do people undertake 坐月子 "Zuò yuè zi", which translates to 'Sitting Month'?
What best describes the practice of moxibustion?