The Foundation's 25th anniversary quiz

Test your knowledge about some standout moments from the Asia New Zealand Foundation's first 25 years.

Question 1 / 10

Who was the Prime Minister of New Zealand when the Foundation was established in 1994?
Who are the two ‘founding fathers’ of the Asia New Zealand Foundation?
One of the most exciting cultural events in the Auckland City calendar was first held in 2002 and the Asia New Zealand Foundation has been involved from the start – what festival is it?
What show was Asia New Zealand Foundation honorary advisor Melissa Lee the executive producer of from 2002 – 2011?
Which well known Indian politician did the Asia New Zealand Foundation once host in New Zealand?
Sachie Nomura, who travelled to Indonesia on a Foundation-led entrepreneurship visit in 2016, is best known for what?
What was the Asia New Zealand Foundation known as when it was founded in 1994?
What year was the first Auckland Lantern Festival run, with Helen Clark in attendance?
The Asia New Zealand Foundation was recently gifted an expression that describes the work that we do. It roughly translated to ‘unbreakable connection’. What language is the expression in?
Chinese-American cellist YoYo Ma once wished happy birthday to which New Zealand composer, who was also an Asia New Zealand Foundation arts grantee?