25 years ago in Asia....

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Which of the following Asian leaders died in 1994?
The construction of which of the following large engineering projects started in 1994?
Which of the following events was held for the first time in Japan in 1994?
The Oriental Pearl tower, which construction began on in 1994, is an iconic landmark of which Asian city?
Which animal was the Chinese Zodiac sign for 1994?
Who performed in Vietnam in 1994, becoming the first major Western music star to perform there since the end of the Vietnam War?
Which Asian cricketer overtook Richard Hadley’s then world record of 431 test wickets on 8 February 1994?
1994 marked 600 years since which Asian city first became its country’s capital?
Who was the prime minister of India in 1994?
Which east Asian country was in the Fifa Football World Cup held in the United States in 1994?