Perceptions of Asia

This report presents the results of a survey of the general New Zealand public, conducting during August 2015.


Asia New Zealand Foundation with text and analysis by Colmar Brunton

How to use guide: 

The following topics, issues and media reports may have contributed to New Zealanders’ perceptions:

  • Coverage of the New Zealand Labour party’s policy analysis on leaked real estate data which inferred buyers’ ethnicity from their surnames, and their advocacy of a register of foreigners buying houses;
  • Public debate surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which includes five Asian economies. This may have shaped public views about free trade agreements in general;
  • Publicity about farm sales to Chinese investors, such as the proposed sale of Lochinver Station to a Chinese buyer;
  • Financial market issues, including decreasing stock prices in China;
  • A bombing in Bangkok, Thailand, on 17 August 2015; and
  • Media reports of increased migration in 2015.