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Asian fusion burger

Through the concept of a burger, students demonstrate an understanding of Asian fusion food. The unit is designed for group work but assessment is based on the individual student’s submission of asses

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People's Republic of China Poster

Our poster of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) highlights facts and areas of interest, as well as providing useful information for New Zealand teachers and their students.

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Chinese inventions

Students work through the technology process to design and create an invention that helps make life easier. The lessons are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of

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New Zealand Entrepreneurs and China

This Year 10 enterprise studies inquiry based unit explores the entrepreneurial links between New Zealand and China and what is culturally and logistically important to understand in order to increase

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Video: Learning Mandarin Chinese

At the age of eight Nathalie Harrington moved with her mother to Liuyang city in the Hunan province of China.

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Unique Korea

This unit is designed to provide Year 1 and 2 students with a better understanding of South Korea and to develop an awareness of what makes Korea unique. Students are supported to conduct their own in

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Bunraku puppetry

Year 4-6 Technology unit explores Bunraku Theatre and Japanese puppetry. Different types of puppetry and folk tales are investigated, as well as hands on activities such as puppet making. At the concl

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Japanese Language Week

With upcoming sports events to be held in Japan, it's a great time to promote the learning of Japanese in your school. The Sasakawa Fellowship Fund for Japanese Language Education have produced this

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Japan Country Poster

Our poster of Japan highlights key cities and places of interest as well as providing useful information for New Zealand teachers and their students. The poster identifies the key Islands of Japan, t

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Learning Bahasa Indonesia

Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network member Chris Henderson became interested in learning Asian languages after he won an AFS scholarship to live in Malaysia for a year during his final year

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Korean Kiwis

This unit is designed to provide Year 5 and 6 students with two key learning ideas. Firstly, to understand what cultural practices are and how these are similar across cultures. Secondly, to gain an i

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Hallyu - The Korean Wave

This unit is an inquiry for Year 7 - 10 students about Korean entertainment and its globalisation. Throughout this unit, there are lessons designed to explore the different art forms encompassed in th

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