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Sri Lanka - country information

Find facts, figures and information about Sri Lanka, including population, climate and useful websites.

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Food in Japan

This Year 3-4 English unit is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of Japanese food.

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Discover the Philippines

In this Year 5-8 Social Studies unit, students will explore aspects of the Philippines such as language, sport and dance and then compare what they have learnt with daily life in New Zealand.

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Rugby World Cup Japan

Resources for students to learn about Japan in the lead up to the RWC in 2019.

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Asia scholarships for postgraduate students

Find scholarship opportunities in Asia for postgraduate students.

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Asia scholarships for undergraduates

Find scholarship opportunities in Asia for undergraduates.

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Responding to earthquake risk in China

In this unit, students gain an understanding of environments that have been shaped by extreme natural events. By investigating two earthquakes in China, students learn how people and groups have respo

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China - differences in development

In this unit, students gain an understanding into how cultural and natural factors influence differences in the level of development within a country. It also looks at how different groups and organis

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Discover China

This unit consists of students independently exploring an area of China that they would like to discover. Students choose a city that they would like to spend three days in and create an itinerary for

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Business studies - China

This Level 3 NCEA business studies unit is an introduction and case study for innovation using a New Zealand registered company operating in a global context.

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Taking primary students to China

In 2015, Blockhouse Bay Primary School in Auckland gave Year 5 students the opportunity to visit their sister school in Yuyoa, China. Use this information as a guide to planning your school's trip.

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Better life, bigger cities

This Level 5 social studies unit explores China’s urban migration over recent years. It focuses on the challenges faced by migrants and the impact of migration on people and places. Possible governmen

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