Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Foundation and the New Zealand Olympic Committee have collaborated in producing a series of Years 7-10 social studies teaching and learning modules on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Students will explore varied topics including Japanese culture, New Zealand athletes sporting achievements and sustainability. You'll find interactive and engaging digital activities such as Google Earth voyager, QR code treasure hunt and Quizlet.

These modules have been designed for students in Years 7–10 but can be adapted for other year levels.

The modules consist of the following topics:

  • The Host city – Tokyo
  • Japanese culture
  • The Olympic values
  • Olympic sports
  • Technology and sustainability
  • Legacy.

The overall unit has a strong focus on digital literacy, with a variety of digital activities to align with the new digital learning curriculum.

The Tokyo Olympic Games start on 23 July, 2021 and run for approximately two weeks. There are several weeks of teaching and learning in the full unit so this is an early reminder to build it into your 2021 planning.


If you have any questions about our resources, please contact our education team at [email protected].