Taking primary
students to China

In 2015, Blockhouse Bay Primary School in Auckland gave Year 5 students the opportunity to go and experience time at their sister school in Yuyao, China. Year 3 & 4 team leader and Mandarin liaison co-ordinator Peter Richmond has generously provided information about the planning and pedagogy involved in this trip. Use this information as a guide to planning your school's trip.

Available Downloads:

Student Information Form.Docx (22.55 KB)
Pre-trip planning and information

Adult Participation Information.Docx (20.88 KB)

China Trip Powerpoint.Pptx (9.51 MB)
Facts and figures about China

Student Trip Booklet.Pdf (14.94 MB)

Board Paperwork.Docx (62.34 KB)

China Trip Timeline And Schedule.Docx (31.70 KB)
Example schedule for trip

Equipment List.Docx (31.89 KB)
What to bring

Lanyards.Docx (25.54 KB)
Example lanyard

Risk Assessment Management Plan.Docx (20.23 KB)

Post-Trip Assessment.Docx (24.50 KB)