Making connections: Aotearoa and Asia

The Making connections: Aotearoa New Zealand and Asia resource provides opportunities for ākonga in years 7-8 to explore connections between communities and culture in Aotearoa New Zealand and communities and cultures in Asia.

Using the Te ao tangata | Social sciences refreshed learning area, the resource guides ākonga through inquiries that span the history of Asian migration in New Zealand with reference to the progress outcomes to the end of Year 8.

This resource consists of two types of cards: inquiry cards and discussion cards. The inquiry cards cover four themes (described below) and can be used by individual ākonga or in small groups.

Most learners should be able to complete the tasks independently, with help and guidance from teachers when needed. At the end of the inquiry, ask the group to present their findings and combine each theme into a wider pool of class-owned knowledge.

Learners can work with you to create presentation ideas and join their pieces of the inquiry into a coherent whole. There is also the opportunity at this point to extend the learning through personal reflection and social action.

The discussion cards could be used as discussion starters for small groups, or as whole-class learning.