Exploring the Southeast
Asia marketplace

This Year 9-10 Social Studies unit focuses on New Zealand producers who are succeeding in the Southeast Asian marketplace.

Students will investigate two New Zealand companies, Chia + Awaka (natural drinks) and Pic’s Peanut Butter by exploring their products and marketing strategies.

This 4 week unit concludes with students developing a social media marketing campaign for a product specifically designed for the South East Asian market.

Achievement objective

Understand how people seek and have sought economic growth through business, enterprise, and innovation.

Curriculum level 5

Project Chia

An authentic learning opportunity for Year 9-10 social studies classes to work with Chia Limited on social media marketing strategies.

Students will explore Chia's success in the Southeast Asia market and monitor their social media activity. 

As part of this project, students will be invited to send social media and marketing advice to Chia and the best examples will be posted by Chia on their chosen social media platforms.


If you are interested in teaching this unit of work and participating in Project Chia please contact our education team at education@asianz.org.nz.

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