This Year 7-10 resource will guide social studies and health teachers to explore and discuss cultural diversity with their students.

Students will develop greater awareness of people’s different values, beliefs and perspectives to better understand and engage with different cultural, ethnic, social and religious groups of Aotearoa New Zealand and Asia.

Students will explore New Zealand’s past and present connections with Asia to understand how cultural interaction can impact on personal well-being, cultures and societies.

At the end of this unit, students will have the opportunity to carry out health promoting action, or a social action campaign in their classroom, school or community to develop positive and respectful attitudes and values and foster greater understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity.

What topics does the resource cover?

Activities and topics from the resource include:

  • Human history road
  • New Zealand’s changing demographics
  • Cultural etiquette
  • Values continuum
  • Cultural stereotypes
  • Exploring Māori and Asian models of well-being.

How to use this resource

This resource has been developed to align with the social studies and health curriculums to be taught either as an integrated unit across both subjects, or as stand-alone units for social studies or health. Some lessons we have identified allow for development of skills in both curriculum areas.

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